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Our mission depends on funding through partnerships &  donations. All contributions support the expansion our programs and services. If you believe in our mission, please consider donating today. Every contribution makes a difference.

HELP US MEET OUR 2022-2023 Program Goal of $55,000



Sponsor A C.U.T.S. Participant

When sponsoring a child we ask for a recurring donation at one of the four tiers below. Funds from sponsorships will ensure our program participants have transportation to their workplace,  pay youth work stipends, and assist with operational costs.

To become a sponsor please make sure to click "make this a monthly donation" on the C.U.T.S. PayPal link.


Helping Hands


Community Leader


Good Stewart


C.U.T.S. Champion 

Become A Partner

Become A Mentor

If you have the motivation and the drive to assist with improving the community and the lives of the future leaders. Then we are looking for you. Please fill out the application and we look forward to speaking with you.

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