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About C.U.T.S-YEP


C.U.T.S Youth Employment Program is a nonprofit organization that provides young people an opportunity to learn and practice skills required to succeed in a work environment.


Recent studies have found that youth employment programs have reduced youth violence, incarceration, mortality, and improved academic outcomes. In addition to providing young people with wages and work experience, C.U.T.S. YEP is a platform for youth to learn and become exposed to adult responsibilities and decisions. C.U.T.S. YEP participants gain experience in seeing new possibilities and the ability to develop supportive relationships with adults.


How to Apply?

We provide a number of ways to receive the support you are looking for. Each option provides an innovative approach, tailored to meet your unique and individual needs.

Program Goals:

  • Provide meaningful workforce development experiences 

• Help youth learn professional workplace behaviors

• Foster an environment to improve youth’s communication, customer service, and other soft skills

• Empower youth to enhance decision-making, self-advocacy, and confidence

• Expand career opportunities and support career planning

• Promote healthy financial literacy, including developing positive saving habits and creating financial goals

• To establish supportive relationships with city agencies and private organizations to increase job opportunities

  • To gain the program's full potential, the Youth Participants are encouraged to remain actively engaged throughout the program.

Board of Directors

Mrs. Tiara Williams

 Vice President

Mrs. Tiara Williams serves as the Vice President of C.U.T.S.-YEP. Mrs. Williams is responsible for scheduling and coordinating quarterly training sessions, on board for new participants of C.U.T.S. and supporting the youth at community service events. Mrs. Williams graduated with Honors from Norfolk State University with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Accounting.

Favorite Scripture: Matthew 7:7


Mr. Linwood Williams

Founder & President

Mr. Linwood Williams serves as the Founder and Director of CUTS-YEP. Mr. Williams is a U.S. Army Veteran and currently a Civil Servant with over 20 years of combined experience leading, managing and mentoring.
Favorite Scripture: 1 Corinthians 3:7 It’s not important who does the planting, or who does the watering. What’s important is that God makes the seed grow.
Motto: It takes a Village


Mrs. Sylvia Sessoms


Mrs. Sylvia Sessoms serve as a C.U.T.S.-YEP Board Member and facilitates the employment of our youth with the Foundation Learning Center in Suffolk, VA. Ms. Sessoms serves as the Administrative Director of The Foundation Learning Center and Little Grove Baptist Church. Favorite


Motto: We are changing our community “One Christian Scholar” at a time


Mrs. Jasmine Bright


Mrs. Jasmine Bright serves as a Director for C.U.T.S.-YEP. She has 13 years experience in nonprofit management and specializes in business operations for youth based nonprofit organizations.


 Motto: When you feed the minds of youth, you are able to free generations of people. 

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