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Connect, Learn, Grow, Succeed!

C.U.T.S.- YEP is a Faith based nonprofit organization that focuses on Employing, Mentoring, and Training our Young Adults between the ages of 14-18 to make positive impacts in their communities.  We are intentional about employing our youth to volunteer, serve and become active citizens, while helping to support the needs of local businesses and other community organizations.

C.U.T.S. YEP  Programs

Community Service 

C.U.T.S.-YEP facilitates active participation in community service events for our youth. We believe Youth evolvement in community service enables them to personally connect with their community while creating individual growth that develops a lifelong commitment to service.

Workforce Development

C.U.T.S.-YEP Workforce development focuses on placing our youth in meaningful employment that will enhance their social skills and create community awareness. Our workforce development program enables our youth to become productive citizens in their community, school environment and eventually their chosen career paths.


C.U.T.S.-YEP pairs our youth with a responsible mentor who’s invested in the personal development of our youth. Our mentors assist our youth in dealing with day-to-day challenges by providing a listening ear, advocating for the fair treatment of our youth and inspiring them to do their best academically.

Our Mission

Employ, Empower and Embrace the Youth through exposure to service based career fields, life readiness training and a one on one mentoring experience to produce responsible citizens that positively impact their community.

Our Vision

We believe in the idea that it takes a village to raise our youth to be responsible citizens that positively impact their community. Therefore, we aim to create partnerships with faith and service based community leaders, local business, entrepreneurs, organizations and others who will Employ, Empower and Embrace the youth within their community and together we will C.U.T.S. by mitigating  youth violence, youth incarceration, youth gang enrollment and consequently mitigate concentrated poverty. 

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